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Since March 2002, we have been continuing our documentations by up-to-date regular publications (biannually) in our "Elefanten-Magazin" (periodical on elephants).
It is the objective of our "Elefanten-Magazin" to contribute to significantly improving the conditions for elephants kept in human care or to give thought-provoking impetuses - based on well-founded critical but objective reports - towards giving up husbandry traditions which have become outdated.

The topics dealt with include the following:

  • Documentation of existing and planned husbandry facilities for elephants in zoos (mainly in Europe), including problems and solutions to these problems
  • Development of breeding facilities
  • Up-to-date reports on changes of stocks due on breeding, deaths and transfers
  • Overviews of stocks of circus and zoo populations
  • Additional historic report
  • Elephant-related accidents 
  • Discussion of the keeping systems "No contact", "Direct contact", "Protected contact"
  • Circus-type training in zoos
  • Situation in circuses

Overview of the editions of "Elefanten-Magazin" published so far, including contents

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In 1993, 1997, 1999, 2003 and 2006 as well as in 2001, the EUROPEAN ELEPHANT GROUP published a total of six comprehensive, well-founded critical documentations on the topic of “Elephants in zoos and circuses”, including reports on husbandry facilities, breeding, stocks of elephants, etc., in Europe and North America. Here you can find an overview of these documentations (in German). The documentation 2003 is available in English!


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