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  • In March 2016, it became known that the Zoo Dallas, the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita, Kansas, and the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska imported 17 elephants between 6 and 25 years of age (of which 15 are under 12 years) from a game reserve in Swaziland, despite world-wide protest from animal welfare people and well known elephant scientists.… (weiterlesen…)

  • Dear Friends of the Elephant, Elephants are both a highly threatened and extraordinary fascinating species. Do you love to be inspired by amazing elephant photographs and would like to contribute to elephant conservation in their natural habitats? Then you should support the project "Proboscidea - The emotional lives of elephants"! By using amazing elephant… (weiterlesen…)

  • On 07 January 2015, the German newspaper Thüringer Allgemeine Zeitung commented on the breeding attempts of elephants at Erfurt Zoo in Germany. The zoo opened a completely new facility three months prior to this date in order to start a breeding programme with 11 y.o. African elephant female "Chupa". The young female is already fertile, but according to the German… (weiterlesen…)

  • Dr. James Laurita († 56 y.), veterinarian, elephant keeper and co-founder of the elephant sanctuary “Hope Elephants” died on 9 September 2014 due to serious injuries caused by 45 y.o. Asian elephant female “Rosie”. Between 1977 and 1983, Laurita toured with Carson Barnes Circus where he, among other things, worked as an elephant handler. Afterwards, he … (weiterlesen…)

  • Despite the human-elephant conflict (HEC), elephant poaching for the international demand for ivory becomes an increasing threat for free-ranging African elephants. In order to inform about this problem, Ute Schmidt, a German sound engineer, created a short animation film which allows adults and children to inform theirselves about the causal relations. It has been… (weiterlesen…)

  • On October 20, the remaining three female African elephants from Toronto Zoo, Canada, arrived at the PAWS Sanctuary near San Andreas (California) after a 70-hour-long journey across the continent. “Thika” (33 y.), “Toka” (43 y.) and “Iringa” (44 y.) made the trip without problems and went outside for the first time less than 24 hours after their… (weiterlesen…)

  • In January 2014, elephant trainer Joy Gärtner will perform with his elephants at the 38th International Circus Festival in Monte Carlo. While his presentation in the circus ring will be celebrated, hardly anyone will know that the elephant history of the Gärtner family is a dark story about death and animal cruelty. Elephants are neither gentle giants nor funny… (weiterlesen…)

  • On October 11, 2013, a 41-year old Asian elephant female named “Patience” killed 62-year old elephant keeper and manager John Bradford. The attack happened inside the barn when “Patience” hesitated to enter the chute that connects the stalls with the outdoor enclosure. Bradford, who worked at the zoo since 25 years as elephant manager, leaned himself inside… (weiterlesen…)

  • The escape of African circus elephant female “Tanya” (“Samba”, est. 30 y.o.), who belongs to the French institution „Cirque d‘Europe“, caused a tragedy last weekend. In Lizy-sur-Ourq near Paris, the female escaped from her paddock which was secured by a hotwire fence by throwing a tarpaulin on it. The incident happened in the afternoon of Saturday,… (weiterlesen…)

  • Since spring 2013, at least 4 incidents with female elephants “Dunja” (est. 43 years) and “Daela” (est. 30 years), trained and presented by Anton Frank, happened in the Swedish circus Maximum. Originally, both elephants were owned by German elephant trainer and circus owner Jonny Frank-May, and until his death in March 2012, they usually travelled in Germany… (weiterlesen…)

  • In May 2013, two horrible incidents with tamed elephants occurred in elephant camps in Thailand. On May 13th, 19 year old female elephant “Bua Ngern” killed her mahout while he was about to unchain her. The attack occurred in Mahawang Elephant Camp in Sai York district. According to the local police, the reason why the elephant became aggressive is the heat… (weiterlesen…)

  • Houston zoo/Texas entertains by marketing performances of its elephants. According to “”, two and a half year old “Tupelo” received instuctions publicly, while her mother “Tess” had to do a few circus-like handstands in the presence of several reporters. To round out this entertainment programme, the 2nd breeding female, “Methai”,… (weiterlesen…)

  • Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful places on earth. But whatever the attraction, there is one thing a tourist will never miss - the image of the Asian elephant. (weiterlesen…)

  • In the last few weeks, two African elephants, both breeding females, died in European Zoos due to elephant attacks. “Swana” (27 y.) at Howletts Wildlife Park (England), a mother of four, passed away on April 2nd, 2013, while “Gustl” (23 y.) at Cabarceno (Spain) died even a few weeks earlier. Both succumbed to injuries caused by other female elephants. These… (weiterlesen…)

  • Aged nearly 21, male African bush elephant “Pambo” died 2013-01-23 at Valencia zoo, Spain. According to the zoo´s internet homepage, the animal would show normal behaviour the evening before, including normal food intake. The next morning, on Jan. 23rd, 7 a.m. the male would lay down in his stall, not responding to his keepers, but showing signs of colic.… (weiterlesen…)

  • In the early morning on January 17, 2013, 13-year old female “Num-Oi” gave birth to her first offspring. The large bull calf (131 kg) was born after 5 long, difficult nights of labor without human help in the outdoor enclosure. This is noteworthy since this was the first group birth at Melbourne Zoo. During the birth, “Num-Oi” was in accompanied by female… (weiterlesen…)

  • On January 15th, the Taronga Conservation Society Australia, which runs the Taronga Zoo in Sydney and the Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, published its conclusions after an internal investigation regarding the attack of 2-year-old bull calf “Pathi Harn” that almost killed a keeper in October last year. According to the review, the accident was the result of an… (weiterlesen…)

  • In autumn 2012, Twycross zoo decided to change the management system of the zoo´s female elephants from free contact (FC) to protected contact (PC), which has already been planned for some time. In order to do so, a new so-called “PC wall” has been built inside the elephant house. According to the zoo, the management system was changed to enable the zoo´s… (weiterlesen…)

  • On November 25, at 1.30 a.m., young female Asian elephant “Sundara” (8yrs) gave birth to her 1st offspring at Chester zoo, UK. The uncomplicated birth occurred in the presence of the whole elephant herd. “Sundara´s” calf of still unknown sex was sired by 18yrs “Upali”, a male who has recently been transferred to Dublin zoo, IRL. This birth should be… (weiterlesen…)

  • The Toronto Zoo (Canada) has been keeping African elephants since its foundation in 1974. Of the seven young elephants that arrived in 1974, two are still alive: “Iringa”, 43 years, and “Toka”, 42 years. The herd is completed by 32-year old “Thika” who was born in Toronto. The breeding bull died in 1989 and four females including “Thika`s” mother… (weiterlesen…)

  • AND THE UNSOLVED PROBLEM OF ELDERLY FEMALES AMONG THE EEP ELEPHANT STOCK Since September 2012, 37y.o. female Asian elephant “Tania” has been living at Targu Mures zoo, Romania. According to Romanian Press articles, “Tania” suffers from loneliness,… (weiterlesen…)

  • On November 9th, the Canadian television channel CBC Television broadcasted the very interesting documentary "THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM" about the controversy between Animal Welfare Organizations and Zoos regarding elephants in Canadian zoos. The documentary can be watched in four parts under It features a… (weiterlesen…)



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