Our commitment with regard to elephants kept in circuses

ELEFANTEN-SCHUTZ EUROPA e.V. throws light upon the fact that no proper elephant husbandry whatsoever is possible in travelling circuses. Based on scientific arguments, we are constantly working to sensitize both the public and the decision-makers in veterinary and political authorities to the problems and suffering of circus elephants. The fate of particularly severely harmed individual animals is evidence enough; ELEFANTEN-SCHUTZ EUROPA e.V. strives to make the situation of the individual animals public and to improve it wherever possible

The female circus elephant „Mausi“, who was born free around 1980, suffered from massive physical problems. Despite our commitment to transfer „Mausi“ to a zoo in order to stabilize her health situation, the female died recently: Mausi - the help came to late (in English)

Here you can read Dr. Marion E. Garaï’s expert opinion on the African elephant cow „Mausi“; it reveals an image of the situation of this elephant which is as impressive as it is upsetting and in the face of which official veterinarians throughout Germany still close their eyes:
Expert assessment on elephant cow „Mausi“ (in English)

 Based upon up-to-date scientific findings and substantiated by the hard fate of numerous individual animals, ELEFANTEN-SCHUTZ EUROPA e.V is fighting for a ban of keeping elephants in travelling circuses. In this respect we cooperate with further legitimate animal protection organisations and committed politicians.

Please read about how scientists and politicians who are trying to put an end to the commercialised abuse of wild animals are still hindered by lobbyists

ELEFANTEN-SCHUTZ EUROPA e.V. helps to transfer elephants which have suffered damage in circuses to places where they can be kept appropriately.

It is beyond comprehension how the bad condition of female circus elephant „Sikkim“, who was accepted at the Osnabrück Zoo in 2004, could have been ignored for such a long time. Here you can read how this animal was finally allowed a pleasant old age in the Osnabrück Zoo.

You would like to learn more about the conditions under which elephants are commercially abused in circuses?
Here you can inform yourself about the background of elephant husbandry in circuses!


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