Our commitment regarding elephant-related accidents

Research and documentation: ELEFANTEN-SCHUTZ EUROPA e.V.‘s data collection is probably the most comprehensive one regarding elephant attacks on humans, escapes from circuses and evidence of killed and injured people.

For some 4,000 years, man has been trying to “tame” the elephant; and right from the start, this tradition has been accompanied by disastrously high numbers of accidents in which countless people have died or been injured – and it continues to this very day. Elephant attacks on humans are still so numerous that we had to start a separate rubric in the "Elefanten-Magazin".

ELEFANTEN-SCHUTZ EUROPA e.V. promotes husbandry conditions under which both humans and elephants can remain unharmed.

In the foreword to the 2nd edition of our "Elefanten-Magazin" you can read about the failures of various zoos with regard to their keepers' safety and how zoos react even to objectively presented criticism.

The European Elephant Group has developed a concept, which is as simple as it is functional, for the construction or reconstruction of elephant houses which render the chaining of zoo elephants unnecessary and maximizes the safety of the personnel at the same time.

Through ELEFANTEN-SCHUTZ EUROPA e.V. or supported by it, numerous dangerous elephants which could no longer be kept under free contact have already been transferred to suitable zoos.

After several attacks on keepers in direct contact, euthanasia became an ever more likely future for young cow elephant “Zambi”. Through mediation by our association, a new home was found for “Zambi” in the 20-hectare elephant compound of the Spanish zoo park Cabarceno; in the meantime, she has become a mother for the fourth time! Her story has become the symbol of our association’s efforts.

So far, you have heard little on the dangerousness of the wild animal elephant?
Please, inform yourself about the background of the accident problem


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